Thursday, 3 May 2012

HAHA :)  

I've deleted my old blog just now because it has too many mistakes and my blog looked bad ! so this is the new one !~

I have tried my best to wake up earlier, BUT..
still LATE !!

mommy bah ndak mau kasi bangun aku !! HAHA !! 

everyday is a HOLIDAYY !!
there is nothing I have to do although there is something I have to DO -_-

What should i do is . . 

Does anybody know where is this and what is this ?? HAHAH !!
DUDE ! this is University of Kuala Lumpur (MICET) .. i got an offer for Diploma in Chemical Engineer (process) .. annoying kan .. nda pecaya ??

ALOR GAJAH .. emm .. i dont even know where is it .. 
after i googled , it's in  MELAKA !!!
it makes me freaking out !!
why do i ? HUH ! 0711 only knows why -_-

Dah3x .. jangan nak bising2x pasal tempat .. 

so lets talk about the university.. first of all, why do i interested on this university, because it is under mara fully .. u can get MARA's loan for bumiputeras only.. i only get there if i get the loan because the tuiton fees VERY MURAH KAN.. 
BUT im filipinoooooo which is not categorized as bumiputera !!  so howww??

i went to MARA's office

after we cakap2x, the officer told me that if one of my parents is bumiputera, u still can bbe accepted to get the loan .. huarggghh ! thanx god . my mom is a bugisian :P

this is my mom. does she looks like a pelarian ? no kan >.<

for MARA, bugis is divided into two which are BUGIS and BUGIS INDONESIA.. so for those who is bugis, please recheck your race in your surat beranak tuu either it is bugis or bugis indonesia.. if bugis, YOU CAN GET THE LOAN !! syukur la surat beranak i is bugis only.. but i cant be toooo confident.. rezeki di tangan Allah .. please pray for me :( HUHU !! 

appreciate what you have !

take a note.. please appreciate what you have . i mean for those who is bumiputera, BELAJAR BERSUNGGUH-SUNGGUH .. anda diberi pelbagai keistimewaan di negara nie.. Especially for MARA .. u can get the loan.. ! so please, jgn malas2x.. we, as nonbumiputeras MATI-MATI BELAJAR MAU LOAN/SCHOLARSHIP tapi nda kena kasi apa2.. :(

apa pun , rezeki di tangan tuhan.. keep praying .. semoga kita semua berjaya dalam mencapai misi hidup masing-masing :)

what should i do is FILL3x the application form ! BHAHAHA !

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